These are gifts, art trades, and commissions of characters from Dream Catchers that I've received. Thank you all you gave me a fanart!! ;u; I cherish each and every one! <3

If you have any fanarts you want to send me, send it to Thank you!! >o<

By Mayu

Gift from Darksouls, I love this so much for the softness and the beautiful stye!! o3o Done while paintchatting ;u; omfg I was like totally having a sqealing fit when I realized what was being drawn *___* I just... love it so incredibly much! <3

By Kiwi

Gift from Kiwi, lol showing Skelette's personality perfectly <3

By Lights

Christmas Gift from xLightsOutx, the first fanart of Misere *__* he looks so haaawwttt! Art Trade done with Lights <333 SHE DRAWS MEN SIZZLIN SEXY C: lookit how awesome >u<

By Nari-chu

Art Trade with Narika-Chu, Skelette golfing 8D so awesome! First ever fanart of Monsieur Le Boss ;u; *tears of joy* drawn by the wonderful Nari whom I love to death~ He looks so smexy (yes I said it xD) in her style and jhslfdhgldfg I dunno I can just stare at the forevers <333

By Renhe

Art Trade done with Renhe, she drew Skelette soooo adorable!!

By Rebsie

Misere by my IRL buddy Rebsie <3

By Neko-Rulz

Misere and Al by Neko-Rulz... (who really does rule ;A; wow I love this to death) Gift from Neko-Rulz of Skelette and Misere <333 she's so incredible at drawing poses 'O' absolutly loooove this!!! >u<

By Cottonwings

Skelette in such a super epic pose!! *u* this looks like it could be a poster! it's by Cottonwings <3 Oekaki of Skelette done on my oekaki board on Manga Bullet *u* Macy~ ahhh you're so good at oekaki even though you don't admit it :'D *LOVES THIS*

By Yarho

Gift by Yarho of Skelette and Al :D zomg they are so cute and this dipicts their personality so well xDDD

By Nikufei

Commission of Skelette from Niku!! o3o she did such an awesome job!! *o* and she added a plushie of Misere too! So cute!!

By Lyuica

Gift by Lyuica!! >///< Al looks so so so freakin adorable here! and with ice cream! :'D *hugs it*

By Resalan

Gift of Misere by Resa >///< it's so incredible! he looks so darn sexy~ :3 and with the black background this looks so so awesome! Oekaki of Misere done on my oekaki board on MB~ RESAAAAA you're so good at oekaki!!! ;A; (and drawing Misere, woooooooow <3 )

By Abused Mule

Skelette by Abused Mule >u< I can't get over how epic-ly faboulous she looks in this style *A* this is so lovely!!!

By Cocbys

Gift from Cocobys of Skelette!! She looks so gorgeous in this oriental outfit >o<

By Baka-Chan

This was such a wonderful surprise when I got back from Spain!!! ;A; Skelette is so cute in Baka-chan's style!! I love the way her eyes look! *u*

By Takashinakamura

I love this drawing of Skelette!! >O< her face is just too cute! And the flowers are so lovely as well!! OwO I wish I could draw them as nice x3

By Haikera-Baiketsu

Done for a sketch art trade~ I just LOVE the pose Misere is in here :'D so epic and awesome! and the pose is just too cool too~ <333

By Ocean

Sketch done by Oceanchan!!! @u@ She gave it to me at AN 08 I just love her drawing style to death =u= <333 Oekaki of Skelette that's absolutly K.A.W.A.I.I.!!!!! The tones are so well done >o< Skelette looking absolutly gorgeous D: there's something really hot about how she looks here in this style Ocean! =u= *loves on* jsdhgjdfhgldfh!!!! copic drawing of Skelette, Misere and Al wearing casual clothing *u*

By Sapphirez

Sketch of Skelette recieved by Sapphirez for entering her Hidden Chain contest~ She drew her so incredibly serene and beautiful *u* I absolutly love this~~~ *cherish*

By IcePurity

The expressions in the one are just SOOOO PERFECT. I can't get over it :'D Lol Misere is so proud of his potato sauce <333

By SakuraKura

Super cute oekaki by Sakura *u* It totally depicts Al SOOOOO well xD even flowers are evil to her~ and I also love how Al is so pretty here :'3

By MikoKage

Oekaki done by MikoKage-chan at MB!!! Al is wow so incredibly cute I just want to eat her for breakfast ;A; (lol I'm not weird!!! XD ) I just adore this~ eee Another super adorable oekaki by MikoKage *loveeee* This time a sleepy Al not wanting to sleep xD The expression=win <333 XD Drawing of Skelette with her potato lololololol She looks so adorable in MikoKage's style ;A; I luvs et!! Pixel-like Skelette ; u ; she has her hammer heeerreee~ <333 so adorable! I love the colouring and the bg as well!!!

Art Trade with MikoKage, she drew Al and Misere together OuO Ahaha they're so in character here <3 I love the expressions and poses <333

By Sekoshi

Adorable chibis of Skelette and Misere dragging poor little Al to go on a surely wacky adventure with them XD Thanks so much Sekoshi, dear <333 I love it ;u; Birthday present from Sekoshi >///< it's Skelette in Birthdayland :D ahaha isn't that sweet (figuratively and literraly) lol Drawing of a chibi version of Skelette ;u; so cuuuttteee!!!

By Ashiru

Super lovely oekaki of Misere!!! *Q* He's just so incredibly hot here I love the way aishiru drew his eyes+expression @u@ THANKIES!!! <333

By Line-chan

Epic drawing done by the great Line-chan of Skelette and Alice!!! THEY LOOK SO CUTE HERE!! ;u; fjdjujfg Cute and pretty at the same time OuO wow I ADORE this. THANKIES SO MUCH LINE-CHAN!!! <3

By ChankoStar

Skelette drawn by the awesome ChankoStar (or Strawberry here on SJ <333 her style is just sooooo gorgeous, I can't get over it :///D Oekaki done on MB by ChankStar :'D uwaaahhh Al is just so glompable here and so pretty/cute!! >///< The shine in the hair and eyes is beautiful!!!

By Modern-Swinger

Art Trade done with the woman with mad skillz, Moder-Swinger <3 lol she titled it Nothing Happened,Swear! XDDD ommmmggg lol how cuuuuute, Al and Misere looks so good in her pro style ;////; And and, even if nothing happened, we all know Al wishes it did OTL

By Nickels

Art Trade done with Nickels :D She drew an awesome supper sweet and cute picture of Skelette and Al for me @u@ wahhh I love her style! And the colouring is so soft and nice =u= Al, Misere and Le Boss *u* omg so fghdfgkjer awesome! Got Le Boss's personality perfect!

By Jaya-Sama

Skelette by Jaya ;///; She gave me a super nice quality print of this at Otakuthon!! Made my day completly!!! <333

By Uty-Bacalaito

Fanart of Misere looking super attractive by Uty <333 I love the look he's giving here =u= it suits him so well *adores*

By Prince-Orange

Art Trade done with the Prince :> uwahhh this is so...BEATIFUL ;__; <333 the details and colouring!!! woah x///3 Oekaki of chibi Skelette <333 ORANGE HOW DO YOU DRAW 'EM SO CUTE?! D:

By ShiroiKai

Misere posing SUPER SEXILY =u= wahhh she captured his personality so so well!!! <333 *fangirls lol*

By Remix Knight

Awww ;u; I love getting drawings of Al! She looks super pretty I find, and actually looks feminine *u* I love it, and also the fact that it was done traditionally! <333

By Miroir-Bleu

Beautiful drawing of Skelette 8') I just love the way it's coloured and the adorable style!

By Fensterseifer

Drawing of Le Boss @u@ omg this got me so excited! I got very few of him *A* ANYWAYS, this one is brilliant! Such sexy eyes =u=

By Otoru

Gorgeous drawing of Misere <333 He looks so sexy here @u@ I love his uber hot mouth and eyes~ fufufu =//u//=

By Zetallis

2008 Secret Santa drawing of Skelette ;u; she looks so so so amazingly cute here and just can't get over it <333

By Hiruda

Skelette by Hiruda~ Her styly is so gorgeous and intricate ;A; !!! She looks so pretty and kickass~

By Careko

Misere and Al in kimonos ;w; uwaahhhh so lovely!!! Careko really has skills with traditional media >A< Art Trade I did with Careko! She drew Desespoir so sexy!! dhfkdhd>A< Super cute sketch of Skelette!!

By Isabelline

Awesome drawings of the three main characters :D Captured their look perfectly!

By Mangafan2000

Monsieur Le Boss drawn for a Secret Santa on DevArt *u*

By Ninja Fox

Adorable chibi Skelette OvO <333

By ShiNouBu

Super awesome drawings of Skelette ;u; she looks so cute here~ <3

By MyApple

Skelette and Al looking super faboulous awesome D''': the colouring in this is intense! And I love the touch of an actually dream catcher too >u<

By BrycieTheChick

Flying Chibi Skelette ftw D: D: D:

By Alsarria

Samuel *A* coloured AMAZINGLY with coloured pencils *blown away* This is so freaking gorgeous... and he looks super hawt =u=

By Misheru

Awesome epic poster-looking drawing of the main characters ;A; I looovveee thiisss!!


Skelette looking amazing and awesome with her weapon! I love the pose here!!!

By Hiro

Super super cute Skelette.<333 I'm in love with Hiro's style so this was quite the treat >///<

By Hannahthe-HOST

Skelette and Al looking super cute together~ First ever fanart of Dominic!! And he's chilling with Sam <3 love this!! Miiissseeerrreee <333 ahhh I love his expression <333



This sections is for cosplays people have done of characters from Dream Catchers. I'm so incredibly honored that some people actually want to cosplay them ;_; Wow thanks you guys! <3 (If you do cosplay them, don't be shy to send my a picture at the e-mail at the top of the page)

Cosplay of Misere by Billy <333 wahhh I'm so honored ;___;


Fan Comics

Fan Comics made by you guys ; u ; wow These make me so happy to look at *reads them over and over again* Thanks so much everyone~ Oh and you should read the ones hear too, super good =u=

By Kiruakun

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