Welcome to the FAQ everyone! This is where I’ll answer questions you have concerning Dream Catchers whether it has to do with the characters, storyline, drawings etc. If you have a question that is not featured here, don’t be shy to send me a PM or e-mail me at bittersweetmelancholy@hotmail.com (please title it “FAQ” if you do or I might delete it D: )


1)What program do you use to tone your pages? Photoshop CS3

2)How do you make your lines? I draw them by hand with a pencil and ink them with a black felt pen xD

3)How long does it take you to make one page? Overall... probably an hour…or two :| though there are some pages that take less and some that take more. It takes me longest to sketch and ink them ^-^'''

4)Where to do get your screentones from? Most of them come from that popular screentone site that comes up when you type "screentones" on google :''D and I've just collected a lot from different sites for like 2 years~ So I have some from everywhere lol Another good place to find good brushes for toning pages is DeviantArt :D

5) What font do you use? It’s called “Anime Ace” you can download it anywhere on the internet for free and easily by looking it up on a search engine.

6) Which artists are your main inspirations when drawing pages? Arina Tanemura (Full Moon, Gentlemen Alliance etc) , Bisco Hatori (Ouran Host Club, Millenium Snow etc) and Yun Kouga (Loveless etc).


1) Why is Al afraid of everything? I would tell you here, but it’s going to be explained later on in the story so I don’t want to spoil anything XD …

2) When does ________ come into the comic? Monsieur Le Boss (guy with red and black hair) comes in around chapter 6 if everything runs as planned. Dominic (guy with blond ponytail + glasses) comes in during chapter 4. Désespoir (purple and black hair guy) comes in at around chapter 5 or 6. The Twins (gray girls… I only drew them once) come at around chapter 6 as well.

3) Will there be any boyxboy or girlxgirl lovin’? Um... :///D well... There’s not going to be anything hard-core in Dream Catchers, I can tell you that. There is a boyxboy couple but they’re not really the focus of the comic. Therefore, people who dislike yaoi/yuri, don’t worry there isn’t any... and for people that do... there’s instances where you can use your imagination D-D’ lol

4) Why are Skelette and Misère so stupid? LOL...I’ve been asked this more than once... Um they’re not really stupid. But since they’re Dream Catchers and they don’t come from the human world, they don’t know much about it so they can come off as very odd to other people. Then again, they really know what they’re talking about in the dream world.

5) Is ______ and ______ going to become a couple? <3 I would tell you, but actually I don’t even know myself. The overall events that happen in the comic aren’t 100% concrete yet, so I don’t want to answer and then want change my mind :’D Sorry ;n;

6) How do you pronounce ______? I’m not really good at this, but you’ll get the idea. And you can pronounce it anyway you want ^-^’

Skelette- [Sk][eu][let]

Misère- [Miz][air]

Monsieur Le Boss- [Meu][si][eu][Leu][Boss]

Désespoir- [Dai][zes][poir]

7) What’s an actual dream catcher (object)? It an object originating from Native American people that’s supposed to be hung over a child’s bed to protect them from nightmares. It’s said that they act as a filter to only let good dreams pass through. Good dreams pass through and slide down the feathers to the sleeper. Bad dreams would stay in the net and disappear with the light of day. Dream catchers made with will and sinew, were not made to last forever but dry out in time when the child enters the age of adulthood.

8) Why does Al wear pants as her school uniform? Shouldn’t she wear a skirt if she’s a girl? Well it turns out (as will be revealed later) that their school has uniform but they’re not necessarily strict with their uniform policies so girls are allowed to wear the pants as well. Since Al is rather conservative, she chooses to wear them, and she’s not the only one. Her school is semi-private therefore not a private high-class school.

9)Where is the comic taking place? No, not in Japan! I know! Amazing, right? I’m not really sure… I guess I’ll have to mention it in the comic sometime. I guess Canada :’’’D lulz… Because I live here and whatnot and it could definetly pass for it and easier to write/draw.