Here's all art I've done for Dream Catchers. Ranging from finished drawings done digitaly, traditionally and sketches ^-^

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First CG of Skelette First drawing of Misere, his design was inspired by Die from Dir EN Grey :'''D Skelette Character Sheet Misere Character Sheet Monsieur Le Boss

Inspired by the song Umbrella Chibi versions of Skelette, Misere and Monsieur Le Boss Misere without his mask on *u* Misere and Al,I don't know what Misere is pointing at :///D oh wells~ Al, very tiered and in PJs

Skelette and Al, used as Chapter One's pagebreak Skelette, Al and Misere, Chapter One cover! Misere just getting out of the shower C: Al and Dominic (will be introduced later) while the sun sets outside Al, looking girly because she can xD

Drawing of Skelette somewhat naked |D urrr the blanket is blue because it's supposed to represent Misere and how he protects her ^-^ Skelette quoting Hamlet :'D Darn you Shakespear, darn you lol Done on Tegaki, Monsieur Le Boss in flat colours~ Al and Skelette in bunny suits and Misere in a kitty one as a thank you for 300+ fans <333 The boys from the dream catchers comic :D in black and white and tones |D

Monsieur Le Boss, Le Gasping LOL...*shot* Group shot of all the characters :> Most of which have yet to be introduced~ Cover for Chapter 2, Al's panicing like usual xDDD Misere and Skelette with their weaponds. They have other abilities too, this is just one of them for each C: Characters having fun on the beach :D Misere tans easily lol, Monsieur Le Boss is jealous

A romantic scene between Misere and Al :///D this doesn't mean their going to become a couple tho gaiz... I just felt like drawing something romantic and these are my guinea pigs :> I think they're cute together though~ fufufu Oekaki of Misere and Al together :3 , no shading because I messed up my layers D__D' Characters enjoying a japanese festival with fireworks as chibis Oekaki of Misere with yellow roses~ Skelette and Misere reading up on humans...they need it xD

Desespoir, yet to be introduced. lol his expression makes me laugh... Oekaki of Le Boss taking off his goggles Skelette, tryed doing a different but fun pose ^-^ Misere and Skelette in casual clothes as a thank you for 500+ fans Drawn for the FAQ page. Skelette and Al. Al's trying to study but Skelette is making that very difficult o_O

Drawing of Al dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland :'D I plan to make more of these for the other characters in DC too~ Skelette and Misere in their toned outfits with their weaponds.I'm just using this as a ref for the pages comming up while I tone them :3 Skelette and Misere older :D yeeeey Older Al :> she's got them boobies now lol Height Chart of most of the characters from the comic :D

Misere, Al and Skelette wearing glasses BD as a thank you picture for 600+ fans! Semi-realistic attempt at drawing Misere based off of a cosplay picture of him 8) Amber and Al :D they're buddies. Oekaki done on MB of Al blushing because of Misere X///D Skelette x Al :O

Al dressed as a girl :) Inflatable/ padded bra brought to you by Skelette ;D Al, and it's cold outside :( Another oekaki done on MB Le Boss x Desespoir. Just for giggles. Sam x Skelette, also for giggles. Misere x Al :)

Halloween Drawing of the main characters :) Skelette as a witch, Al as a Scardy Cat and Misere as a Vampire! I decided to use flat colours (Halloween ones at that!) For this drawing :) Decided to draw myself with chibi versions of the main characters in an image :D It was made for my ID on DevArt ^-^ Cover page for the Holiday Chapter of Dream Catchers Winter drawing of the characters in the snow :) Skelette and Misere in party clothes!

Al, Misere and Skelette making a snow man Nurse Skelette! Very pink drawing, four panels~ Skelette and Desespoir! Manga cover featuring Skelette

Poster featuring the entire cast! Skelette and Amber Waking up in Vegas The group enjoying the summer festival! Skelette! Al and Misere being romantic!

Skelette and Misere under an umbrella